Welcome to SGElites!

SGElites is currently looking for the members who can actively participate in the guild events like guild wars fortress fued etc, members who are selfless, polite and help the other members when needed. Our guild is not specific to any country, religion or any race. People from all over the world are welcome, and we will make sure that you ain't feeling like you're new and alone in the guild, and its our promise that you will feel like your own guild and all the members are your friends even if you are newly joined, and so we are also expecting same from you guys too instead of thinking only about you, try to think about others too and how you achieve what you want together with other members. Be a part of the team, lead them, guide them and have fun.
So what you're waiting for?, message us in line or register yourself on website and be a part of fastest growing guild and help us to grow more further. Thank you.

Guild Information

  • Guild level - X

  • Guild Rank - 35 (Donation) and 15 (Might)

  • Boss tier 3 @0900 ST and 5 @ 0930ST

  • Capacity 75 members (Available slots - 2)

  • Max Shards in Torch Battles - 960














Guild Requirements

  • 250,000 Might

  • Sense of humor and not too serious (After all its just a game)

  • Torch attendance encouraged but not mandatory.  

  • Guild war heroes (Defense and Offense), Min Score - 31++

  • Able to type and understand English

  • Line messenger with working username

  • WeGamers

  • Must participate in guild wars

  • If you meet the above requirements and willing to join the fastest growing guild contact the following on the Line messenger.


       Contact Details (Line Messenger)

       Leader - ja.tin (Name - Jatin) (Available from 22:00st - 14:00st)

       Vice - cc.timbo (Name - Tim) (Available from 22st - 14st)

       Wegamers - CY78452